Karl Marx

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Karl Marx believes that throughout the epochs of history, there were always struggles between the classes. This can best be seen as the relationship between the oppressor and the oppressed. But Marx saw this rivalry between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat as a ticking time bomb that will inevitably lead to its own demise.

The bourgeois has its origins in the beginning of the Modern Industry. This is because of new technology like steam and machinery that lead to a revolution in industrial production.

The mains source of the bourgeois' power is their increasing capital and exploitation of the lower classes the proletarians. This form of production leads to many negative effects such as the degradation of relationships between social classes.

But without constantly revolutionizing the instruments of production and the relations of society, the bourgeois cannot exist. They keep expanding their influence over the world, making more connections to ensure more opportunities.

This leads to production materials and intellectual production being shared internationally.

This behavior forces other nations to adopt similar production methods or risk falling behind in production. The bourgeoisie system can produce items at lower prices and rescue people from rural life. But its negative effect is mainly creating dependencies on more civilized countries or the bourgeoisie.

The dramatic increase in production, exchange and property can lead to reoccurring problems that increase in threat, even threatening the existence of the bourgeois society. The biggest threat is the epidemic of overproduction. This brings disorder into the bourgeois society, and endangers the existence of their property.

This can be solved by the destruction of productive forces or the conquest of new markets. Because of this problem, the very same way the bourgeoisie grew from feudalism, will result in its own demise.

Proletarians are dependent on finding word,