"Karla's Ghost" it's a narrative essay

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The bell rang, it's the end of fourth period in Lincoln School; just as I'm rushing out of room 206, I bump into a garbage can right in the middle of the hallway! Someone must have been cleaning his or her locker. I'm going through the hallway as if I was being tackle by a football team. As I pass a window I see its sunny and that I will have a nice walk home.

Finally I get out of the building, I'm free for about five hours…but then I notice that my best friend Karla is not here. Everyday we leave together but today she wouldn't be next to me, " I wonder why?" On the weekends we sleep at each other's house, watch the scariest ghost movies and even wear blankets over ourselves with flashlights under them, to pretend we are the ghost, the best, and the greatest ones.

Even though Karla and I don't believe in ghosts or any other abnormal thing, we still play it. Then on the weekdays we switch clothing styles so our friends will think we buy the same outfits; sometimes we come to school so alike that it's as if we spoke through our thoughts. I decide to take the trip to her house, but she lives to the right of the school, the fastest way is going around the school building.

As I walk I see that the trees are calm, I feel being watch but with a comfort of safety, and there is no wind but a breeze now in then. It's the perfect temperature not too hot or too cold, its spring. The little flowers next to the huge rocks are starting to blossom their way to the sun. They seem to open wide and develop a quick fluorescent...