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It was in kasurdi, a small Indian village; away from busy & hectic city life, where three days youth camp was held by Campus Crusade for Christ. Campus Crusade is a mission working to proclaim the truth of life through Jesus Christ. My relation with Campus was ordained five years before and i am grateful towards it, as it introduced me back to Life again. Campus Crusade's core is active in Youth especially, as it works to encourage, train & disciple them towards Truth of Life. It arranges youth camps, meetings, & various events to promote it's theme; this camp too was carrying the same zeal. Campus Crusade usually holds such camps on hill stations & outskirts of pune, in a well equipped resorts or boarding; but this camp was exception from such pleasures. This time, we were to live in a small orphanage, of children suffering with HIV+ virus, so it was a real different experience we were going to have; but this was to be kept confidential among staff members & senior students; as many students would feel insecure, and to my surprise, even some of our staff were grumbling to live with those children.

For me, I just remembered Christ's love and care for children and, did Christ ever hesitated to come near a leper or a sick person??.

We left pune and were heading towards kasurdi, which is about 30-35 km from pune. It was hard travel ling by local ST Buses but it was real adventure. For myself and sachin brother our whole journey was on our two feet's as we were unlucky to have a seat in that crowded bus. Our group was of about forty members, including staff; all were excited, as it was real joy coming together. Our team is trying...