Is Kate Nash singing in a different accent than her speaking style?

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In my academic assignment I will discuss the topic which motivations does Kate Nash have to sing in a Mockney accent and what does she want to attain with it.

Kate Nash, an English singer-songwriter from London, impressed me from the first time I listened to her music and I am still fascinated by the strength of her voice and the music itself. Her strong accent while singing has always been conspicuous but I could not say anything about that because I had no idea how many different accents in Great Britain actually exist so I was not able to form an opinion about that at all.

However after my study of one year at the university and after having the pleasure to learn so much about linguistics and accents in Great Britain I found time to think about her singing style and reached the conclusion that Kate Nash may fake her accent in order to be more special and the centre of attention.

I made enquiries on the Internet to be positive that I am not the only one with this claim and found out that there are a lot of assertions with the same statement. Therefore I am interested in carrying out investigations on this topic.

First I will introduce Kate Nash and give background information on her life in order to find out which accent she learned in school and from her parents. Then I will analyse her speaking style taking into consideration her origins and the regional accents and continue to compare my results with her way of singing whether she uses another accent while performing and if so which reasons there might be.

After that I will draw a conclusion and summarize my findings by pointing out the most interesting facts I found out...