Katrice the Fairy, a poem.

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In the forestThrough the treesLives a very large familyOf bright fairiesThey’ve colourful hats,Shoes and fairy dustAnd they look so cheerful,See them, you must!Dresses of glitterAnd sparkling gownsWings so delicateWill never hold a frownCarrying hand-made satchelsTo and from here and thereToo precious to leave their sightThey always have to wearThere was one little fairy,And her name was KatriceShe was a foreign fairyShe was from central GreeceKatrice came to this forestWhen only 12 years oldHer family had past awayShe had nowhere else to goAnd so that day she flew awayCrying real tears of sorrowShe missed her family, oh so muchAnd couldn’t wait till tomorrowAnd so it was, that tomorrow cameAnd Katrice flew and flewUntil she came to this mystical forestSo full of light, so newThere she met her new familyWho welcomed her into their homeShe was now Katrice SparkleflowerWhose family came from Rome.

Later that night, as she slept in her hammockShe dreamt of her new, wonderful lifeThe Sparkleflowers who kindly let her inShe’ll never again live in strife.