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Carol CheaUniversity of PhoenixMGT/350Janisse L. GreenApril 22, 2008Decision In ParadiseHaving landed on Kava, shockingly, a vast wasteland is found. Natural and man-made disasters abound. This once beautiful island paradise is now in ruins. For any company to be operational and profitable here, Kava's infrastructure must be restored. Determination of the cause of the devastation is crucial. Kava has many natural resources, an inexpensive and youthful labor force, a naturally beautiful coastline and the added benefit of being multicultural and multilingual. This makes Kava a perfect vacation destination for travelers from all over the world.

ProblemsThe existing problems include lack of adequate and clean water supply, lack of proper medical facilities, not enough schools, and improper use of natural resources, inability of present infrastructure to support mass transit, lack of hotels, rampant diseases and distrust of Americans. The Government is the major employer and does not have enough work, nor can the government create enough work for all its inhabitants.

The CEO of SeyChe Medical Solutions understands the potential of Kava and for that reason has decided to set up operations on the island. SeyChe Medical Solutions knows that business have a social obligation to all stakeholders. Stakeholders include not just the employees and shareholders, but the people who live in the community and are affected by the actions of the business. The company's mission is to not only operate a business in the community, but to add value to that community. Companies have a moral obligation to protect the ecology of the places where they operate their business. Some research must be undertaken to ascertain how and why this island paradise has become an island slum.

There many natural disasters, but these were precipitated by international companies, who mined the minerals without following international guidelines. The government did not have...