Kazakhstan Oil and Gas industry

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Oil and Gas industry in Kazakhstan

My country, the Republic of Kazakhstan is located in the Centre Eurasia and takes quite a big territory of this area. Kazakhstan subsoil store a lot of minerals including the oil. The main industry of the Kazakhstan is the Oil and Gas production.

Modern level of civilization and technology would have been insufficient without the cheap and abundant energy that provides us with oil. Oil also serves as a raw material for the petrochemical industry, which produces plastics, synthetic fibers and many other organic compounds. Therefore, oil production is considered to be one of the most important industries of my country.

As far as I know first oil deposit in Kazakhstan was discovered in 1991 in the west side of the country, which borders with the Caspian Sea, the major source of all oil deposits. That is why, the most of production is concentrated in this particular area.

The oil production makes a great contribution for the economy of the government. Moreover, every year Kazakhstan government gains more than 24 billion dollars ("KazTAG"). According to the statistics of "Oil and Gas Journal", the amount of oil produced was 30 billion barrels in January 2010 ("EIA.doe.gov").

I believe that petroleum industry is one of the most important fields in my country. First of all, it is a main energy supplier. It supplies electrical power stations as well as oil-refining factories, which provides electricity and petrol for a public use. Secondly, since oil industry was developed, the economy of Kazakhstan has noticeably increased, companies has grew in size and more working places became available. As a result there was a significant reduction in unemployment and increase in demand of educated population. That is why Kazakhstan government and the oil company "KazMunaiGaz" created an educational program that...