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Government Assignment:



Brent Wilson

1.Provide a detailed explanation on the type of system of government in place and a general overview of its structure and how it operates. What is its Ideology?

Kazakhstan is officially declared a republic which means a political order in which the supreme power lies in the hands of citizens who vote for a representative who is in turn responsible for them. Their government was based around the 1993 constitution with a strong executive branch, a parliament, and judicial branch. The president, Nursultan Nazarbayev dominated the government enough to eventually to draw to the writing of a new constitution in 1995 that provided justification for a one man rule.

The president is the highest state officer and has the power to overrule at any level of government. Once a president is elected, he appoints the Council of Ministers, headed by the prime minister, and several state committees.

Also during the reformation of the constitution in 1995, Nazarbayev appointed himself the head of National Security. The new constitution also did away with the need for a vice president. Now the president has the power to declare states of emergency during which the constitution can be suspended, so basically he can become a temporary dictator whenever is necessary. The president is the guarantor of the constitution and of the proper functioning of government, with the power to override the decisions and actions of local authorities and councils. The only grounds on which a president can be removed are of sickness and treason, either of which must be confirmed by a majority of the parliamentary vote. In the event of such a removal from power, the prime minister would become the temporary president.

This new constitution also replaced the 350 member Supreme Soviet with a smaller...