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My classmates and I had a special trip on May 6th 2005. We went to visit the GALERI PETRONAS for an exhibition that titled as " An Exhibition of the Photographic" in KLCC.

There were 443 images displayed in the the big modern design hall, where divided by different shape areas, round, long and narrow or squire. Audiences could got sense of the different themes photographs in each area. Some of the photos taken in 50 years ago, and these photos were both of colour and black-and-white. These photos had many interesting objects, wedding, children, landscape, living rooms, building, even painting. Yet, the photographs had their individual shooting style and film execution style by different talented photographers.

A photo was named "Rakan Mudah" by Yee I-Lann. It was pieced together by more than 50 single old pictures on the wall that of child who stood by birthday cake. The theme, the background and the props was same, but children were different.

Some of them showed nervourse expression, some looks relax, they were different of nation and in individual costumes. It was showed different nations live together friendly and harmoniously in Malaysia. It could made people remembering of childhood, birthday, even puppy friends.

Ms. Jennifer was cried and surprised at another Maria Yee I-Lann's work called "wedding", that was displayed wedding pictures of couples by the same shooting method as the above. Ms. Jennifer was suddenly found a wedding picture of her dear aunty! It was a spark of the tirp. Can you believe it there was an talented photographer became very famous who had been taken the wedding photo for you? Someday, some old things could bring a sweet surprise to you. An old wedding picture showed to public after you get married many years back, it showed the...