KCRC - How to increase the numbers of passengers - Hong Kong to Guangzhou Through Train

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Executive Summary 1

Chapter 1 1.1 Introduction 2

1.2 Company Background 3

1.2.1 Vision, Mission & Core Value 4

1.2.2 Intercity Passengers Services Department 5

1.2.3 Through Services in Hong Kong 6

1.3 Project Objectives 7

Chapter 2 Problem Identified 8

Chapter 3 Research & Methodology

3.1 Primary Data 9

3.1.1 Survey 9

3.1.2 Observations 9

3.1.3 Internal Interview 10

3.2 Secondary Data 10

Chapter 4 Result of Analysis

4.1 Customer Profile 11~16

4.2 Industry Analysis 17~23

4.3 Company Analysis 24~31

4.4 Competitors Analysis 32~36

Chapter 5 Recommendation 37~42

Chapter 6 Conclusion 43

Executive Summary

In operation since 1949, the Through Train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou has a long history. In 1997 the Ktt was launched and soon set a new benchmark for through-train services.

In spite of the global economic downturn and keen competition in the cross-border passenger transport market, passenger trips increased to 5,820 per day -- a 9% rise over the previous year.

This growth indicates that there is significant potential in this market. However, certain problems must be addressed before this potential can be fully realized.

An analysis of both the industry and company has revealed problems that may be hindering growth. One of the key problems is a misconception that the Through Train routes are operated by China Travel Services (CTS), rather than by the KCR. In turn, this gives rise to an impression that the quality of service is poor due to differences in the service culture between Hong Kong and China. Passengers have the impression that train crews on Through Trains are slow and inefficient.

The objective of this study is to find ways to improve loading by persuading passengers to make Through Train services their first choice when traveling between Hong Kong and Guangzhou. As this report...