Keating - Owen Child Labor Act Progressivism

Essay by Eggy February 2004

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Keating - Owen Child Labor Act

1.How did it work?

The Keating - Owen Child Labor Act outlawed the interstate sale of products produced by child labor. It banned articles produced by child labor from being sold in interstate commerce.

2.When was it passed?

The act was passed in 1916.

3.Which groups in American life was it meant to help?

The Act was meant to support the group of "workers" in American Life. It was constructed for children but they derive from that group also.

4.Which Presidential Administration was responsible for its passage?

Wilson Administration was responsible for the passage of this act.

5.Was it successful in accomplishing what it was intended to accomplish?

The Keating - Owen Child Labor Act was not successful since it was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court because it restricted commerce instead of directly outlawing child labor.