What keeps people in my demographic from voting?

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What keeps people in my demographic from voting?


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What keeps people in my demographic group from exercising their right to vote? As a divorced or single and biracial (black and white), 40 year old female with children, I am concerned that women like me will not vote. Hundreds of thousands of people will be voting for the 2008 United States Presidential Election; history in the making. Out of those hundreds of people how many African American single or divorced, females like myself will not vote and why?

I know most people would consider me to be African-American; I will speak from that perspective. In 2004 28% that is 3.7 million of African-American women citizens did not register & vote.

(Yee 2008) I know a number of my predecessors may not vote out of fear. Many may reflect on the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr., who did not run for president like Barack Obama is, but like Barack, he was a powerful man and when he was assassinated the African-American community went into a pandemonium.

Many may have the same concern of our current Democratic candidate Barack Obama. There already have been threats against his life if he becomes President of the United States. I have found this by watching the news and by speaking with several men and women who are of the African American descent.

I spoke with a few black women and even some men, and some of their responses were: "lines too long", 'I was high", "he ain't gon be president no way", or even worse thinking like: "my vote don't...