Kentucky Adult Corrections: Inmates with Mental Health Issues and the Facilities

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Kentucky Adult Corrections: Inmates with Mental Health Issues and the Facilities

The mission of the Kentucky Department of Corrections is twofold:

To protect citizens of the Commonwealth and to provide a safe, secure and humane environment for staff and offenders in carrying out mandates of the legislative and judicial process; and

To provide opportunities for offenders to acquire skills which facilitate non-criminal behavior?

The Kentucky Inmate Population Profile:

*Median age 33 years

*Median sentence 9 years

*93% male, 7% female

*38% violent, 24% property, 21% drug, 11% sex, and 6% other

*42% Originate from Jefferson, Fayette, and Kenton counties

*61% while, 38% black, 1% other

Kentucky Inmate Program:

*80% of all inmates are eligible to perform work in prison or community


*Approximately 5,000 inmates are enrolled in educational programs; ABE, GED, vocational and college.

*Approximately 120 inmates work 6, 194 acre farm program

*Approximately 750 inmates work in industry operations

*98 males and 18 females completed Boot Camp program in '98 fiscal year.

*800 felons enrolled statewide in Substance Abuse Program (SAP)

*800 felons enrolled statewide in Sexual Offenders Treatment Program (SOTP)

*3,600 received mental health treatment each month

Kentucky Institution Data as of 4-1-99:

*2,665 total staff currently employed, 298 vacancies as of 4-1-99

*1,785 security staff employed, 198 vacancies

*12 state operated and 3 privately operated prisons

*Average age of state prison facilities are over 50 years old

*Total felon count at 4-14-99 was 14,935

*Fiscal year of '98 average system cost of incarceration was 440.14 per inmate each day

The Department of Corrections is broken into various appropriations of: correctional management, adult institutes, community's services, parole officers and probation officers, local jails, and juvenile services.

Based on monthly figures for the 98-99 year the population of inmates of Kentucky: 11,285 institutional 2,755-community service center, and 17,494...