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Martin, William 2-14-97 Charters, Ann. Kerouac: A Biography. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1959, 1994.

419 pp.

Jack Kerouac Kerouac: A Biography, helps to explain how Jack Kerouac, the founder and most important member of the Beat movement, was influenced by the rapidly changing culture of the 1950's, as well as, how Kerouac ignited a social and literal revolution in America, from which the Beatniks and Hippies emerged. All of Kerouac's books drew public attention due to Kerouac's originality and new style of writing. Kerouac's originality and unique style of writing is also why, "Kerouac is best known as the key figure of the artistic and cultural phenomenon of the 1950's known as the Beat movement" (Stine 273). Kerouac: A Biography helps to explain why the statement above is true.

The book, Kerouac: A Biography, is very thorough and explains every aspect of Jack Kerouac: past, present, and future.

Everything is very detailed throughout the book.

According to Deck: "Ann Charter's 'Kerouac,' taken as straight biography or as an evocation of perhaps one of the liveliest periods in American letters, is a pleasure. It is about men and ideas that changed everything. That's reason is enough o read it" (23).

Deck's statement is true, the book is a pleasure to read. Kerouac was born in Lowell, Massachusetts, on March 12, 1922. Kerouac went to school in New York City and afterward served in World War II. After the war Kerouac became a wanderer, traveling through the United States and Mexico. Kerouac's wandering and experiences are what created the subject matter of his books. Even though Charters is friends with Kerouac, she is not biased. Charters explains both the positive and negative aspects of Jack Kerouac, such as Kerouac's alcoholism. Charters also discusses all of Kerouac's works and...