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Special K, also known as ketamine, is considered to be a date rape drug and has become less common over the past decade. It is a dissociative anesthetic but doesn't necessarily cause unconsciousness and may also distort perception or sight. It is used mostly in veterinary medicine and sometimes with humans. Ketamine is widely known as a "horse tranquilizer." In this essay the effects, history, and information on use of the drug will be explained.

Ketamine was originally developed in 1962 by Calvin Stevens, an American scientist. Its name back then was CI-581. It is also chemically related to PCP which it was created to replace, therefore resulting in the two drugs having very similar effects. Human testing began two years later and it was discovered that it could provoke minor to severe hallucinations depending on dose amount. The drug became available in 1969 as prescription only under the name of "ketalar."

A year later it was approved for human consumption. In Canada ketamine has been classified as a Schedule I Narcotic since 2005. A Schedule I drug means the drug may only be sold legally in prescription sale. There are several factors in this precise Schedule such as a possibility to grow a dependence to the drug. When you are using one of these drugs, you will most likely be closely monitored by a health practitioner to verify you are receiving an accurate dosage in a safe duration of time. There is also a chance you may have an unfavorable reaction to the drug.

Ketamine is typically abused in clubs and raves. It is taken because some individuals wish to achieve detachment or to feel away from reality in general. It is used majorly by those aged 12-25, accounting for around 75% of all users. Typically, consumption in the...