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It has been a year since I saw my relatives. After all, all of my

relatives lived in Korea when I was in Canada. I was alone in my

house when the image of my cousins and uncles came up on my

mind. I started to miss them so much all of a sudden. Wondering how

long it have been since I saw them the last time - which was at the

Kimpo International Airport in Korea - I opened up my Personal

Digital Assistance and looked up the date I arrived in Canada. I

realized it's been almost 3 years. I closed my eyes and started

dreaming about the 'good old times'. Going to shopping mall, arcades with

my cousin my uncle giving her the new MD Player that I wanted so

much for Christmas going to my favourite singer's concert with my

nephew getting lost in the Seoul subway with my grandmother.

All of

them came to my mind invivid pictures. I felt like I was right there with all

of them. Then I heard that my relatives going to come to my house. I

almost hit the ceiling. What a coincidence, just after thinking about it and it

came true!

I was just so happy that I could just go out and run around screaming. The

week after seemed like a year. I just couldn't wait to see them grown up

and changed. I cleaned my room until it literally shined, organized all my

books and other thins neatly and nicely.

It was Friday, and my cousins were supposed to arrive that evening. I

cancelled everything that I had on that evening and made my parents to go

to the Air Station.

Waiting about an hour, the ARRIVAL sign illuminated and people started

to pour out through...