Key qualities of an ideal supervisor.

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Supervisors are the most important people of any organization. As front-line managers, they are involved in motivating workers to achieve the overall objectives of the company. They are also responsible to communicate the top management's vision and policies to the workers.

Additionally, as the spokesperson of the people working under their supervision, they are responsible to bring up the workers' problems and suggestions to the top management. In this way, they act as cementing agent bringing together the top management and workers so that the organization's objectives are achieved.

During numerous supervisory level training programs, one of the exercises I always do so is to ask the participants to identify the qualities of a good supervisor.

Surprisingly, most of these participants come up with some common qualities, which are elaborated below:

Know Their Job

One of the key qualities considered to make an ideal supervisor is the possession of through knowledge of his or her job.

A supervisor who lacks the knowledge about his job will not be able to command the respect of the workers working under them.

Make Things Happen

No matter how difficult or challenging the task at hand may be, a good supervisor will try his or her best to make things happen. When others get frightened or scared at the task at hand, a good supervisor will make optimum use of all the available resources to solve the problems and achieve the desired results.

An ideal supervisor is a highly resourceful person who at times of problems looks for innovative ways to arrange both internal and external resources for solving the problem.

Committed and Responsible

There are no better feelings for a manager than the confidence that the job assigned to a supervisor will be completed and carried out as...