Keys to understanding women role

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Quezada 5

Steff Quezada

Mrs. Edgett

English Literature

14 November 2014

Main keys to understanding the women role in the Modern and Post-Modern society.

How observe the past to understand the today? From a simple tool, to a person with the same rights as men. The social status of women has changed considerably throughout history. But is this equality true?

The historical invisibility that women have suffered, often removed from the "official history" makes that we ignore many of them who used their imagination, will, strength and sometimes their lives to contribute to building a more just society for women and men. Multiple barriers against women all over the world have participated in our social development since the dawn of civilization until today. Many women especially those who dared to come out of the norm had to fight incomprehension of the society of their time, or fascism or racism, or just an absurd against discrimination based on gender, social class or identity ethnic.

The Modern Age is a period of profound change that will constitute the foundation of the modern world: the discovery of America, the meeting of different cultures, the rise of state power, the loss of power of the Church and the emergence of new values based on the man, the humanism and experimental science, were changes that affected the lives of women negatively. The Renaissance was a "rebirth" but only for males, which are enhanced at the time their educational and employment opportunities. For women it was the opposite: they could not access the humanistic education and the new states, centralist and uniformers, dictated laws that further restricted their possibilities.

"The historical and social position of women as subordinate subject, oppressed, denied or invisible by the dominant modes of production and social relations begins to question during...