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Mum, Where do Chickens come from? By Tom Backen For decades one of KFC's main selling points was the secretive way the chicken was prepared and cooked. No one except a select few are meant to know the all-important eleventh herb and for years the chain's slogan was 'Nobody does chicken like KFC'. It can be noticed that KFC kitchens are one of the more seemingly unthought of aspects of all the various fast food chains. Enter any Hungry Jacks or McDonalds and you can get a relatively good view of the cooking process, Subway is the pinnacle of this with your meal being made right in front of your as you wait. But walk into any KFC restaurant and you might be able to get a view of the burgers being made, but you'll be hard pressed to see the chicken being prepared. This seems to conjure up all sorts of questions about how the chicken is prepared.

So how is it done? How does the chicken just appear from up the back of the invisible kitchen in its delicious cooked form and what procedures make it so special.

Firstly, the kitchen is definitely there. It a large area behind the main burger-preparing counters, which contains cookers, sinks, a double breading-up table and all the other necessities needed to prepare and cook chicken. How the chicken arrives at KFC is similar to the question of what Rice Bubbles are made of. We don't know the answer because it's not something we've ever though about. Do the chickens come alive or dead, feathered or plucked? Frozen or raw? The truth is that the procedure is remarkably simple clean and sanitary. For the Original Recipe, which is not used in burgers, there are nine pieces of chicken in each...