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Product Offering

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Product Offering

Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) is a niche market operation that was established by Kathy Kudler. This business was created to provide consumers with the fresh and organic materials they would need to make a delicious and healthy meal all at an affordable price. The current trend of healthy living tied with the recession has made more consumers aware of such a business. With the recent success of the current operations, Kathy has decided to take this new idea to Canada in hopes of growing the business and offering the market what they need.

Marketing Needs

KFF will need to research the market in Canada before they decide to launch their product. Also before KFF begin to develop their marketing strategy they will have to recognize the competition in the market, the rapid changes in what customers want, and globalization threats.

Many customers are going organic and planning to eat healthy. KFF will assemble an organic menu and catering service.

KFF is looking to provide consumers with gourmet food while incorporating the organic concept. This will be challenging for KFF because Canada is strict about implementing organic foods, there will be a large population to serve and each group of people have different types of product needs. Kudler will have to put together a well planned strategy including: a feasible product selection, fair pricing, distribution channels, location selection, logistics and a promotional strategy tailored to the Canadian market.

Market Growth

Estimation of business strengths by judging the market growth is one of the major aspects of marketing plan (Kotler & Keller, 2006). A market strategy will help Kudler's increase their sales and their competitive advantages. This will also help...