Khalil Gibran's "The Prophet"

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Information on the Author

Kahlil Gibran (1883-1931), a poet, philosopher, and an artist was born in Lebanon, a land which has produced many prophets. The millions of Arabic speaking people, familiar with his writing consider him a genius of his age. However, his fame and influence was not limited to the Near East only, but far beyond these borders. His poetry has been translated into more than twenty languages. His drawings and paintings have been exhibited in the great capitals of the world and compared by Auguste Rodin to the work of William Blake. In the United States, which he made his home for the last twenty years of his life., he began to write in English. The Prophet and his other books of poetry, illustrated with his mystical drawings are known and loved by innumerable Americans who find them an expression of the deepest impulses of manÿs heart and mind.


This book is one of Kahlil Gibrans masterpieces and has become a beloved classic of this era. This book contains poetry about a prophet-called Al-Mustafa- who tells people about different subjects which are all related to subjects in everyday life; for example love, hate etc.. The book also contains a series of illustrations created by the author himself. The book is based slightly on fiction, but the topics discussed in the poetry are all very realistic. If a person read the poetry today it would still be relative to the things happening around us. The poetry is in composition form, and a major part of the book contains dialogue.


In the first Chapter the location and story line is shown. A prophet; by the name of Al-Mustafa, has been stranded in the city of Orphalese for twelve years, and has been awaiting the arrival of his...