The Khmer Rouge.

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The Khmer Rouge is a radical group that over took the lands and people of Cambodia, from 1975-1979. For the four years of the Khmer Rouge occupation, they killed and tortured innocent men, women, and children, in their work camps. Loung Ung and her family were just one of the millions of families torn apart in their work camps. Only Loung her three brothers and one of her sisters made it to the overthrow of the Khmer Rouge. (Encyclopedia Cambodia)

Loung Ung is one of the seven children in the Ung family. She was born in 1970 in the town of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. She is the sixth of the seven kids. Loung has one younger sister name Geak and two older sisters named Chou and Keav. She also has three older brothers Meng, who is the oldest, Khoy and Kim. Her mother is, Ay Chung, and her father is, Sem Im.

Ay Chung Ung, also knows as Ma, has two brothers Heang, Leang, and a sister in law whose name is Keang. These are Loung's aunt and uncles who she is very close to. They try and help out the family during the take over of Cambodia. (Ung, Loung 1-4)

In the first five years of Loung's life she got to do what every normal five year old kid gets to do. She would go into town and eat breakfast with her ma and pa before her pa would have to go off to work. (Ung, Loung 1-7) She enjoyed playing games with her friends and going to market with her ma. She had no clue, but on April 17, 1975 her life was going to change form what every kid wants to what no kid should ever have to go through. On April 17 truck loads of men...