Khruschev- Schemer of Hare-Brained Ideas or reducer of Cold War tension?

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In March 1953, Kruschev became a new leader of Russia after Stalin's death. Many western powers hoped that he would start a 'thaw' in the Cold war. In 1955 July, 10 years after Potsdam conference, the leaders of US and USSR met in the summit. Unlike Stalin's foreign policy, Kruchev's foreign policy opened up to western powers and the western powers were able to talk to the leader of USSR directly. Also, Kruschev himself was willing to talk to western powers and tried to get things done, reducing the tension would be one of them. So, Kruschev and the leader of western powers met often and they were able to share their thoughts. Therefore, Kruschev's opened up foreign policy has start a 'thaw' in the Cold War and has reduced the tension.

Kruschev tried to improve relations in order to reduce the tension. In 1956, Kruschev asserted, "You do not like Communism.

We do not like Capitalism. There is only one way out - peaceful co-existence." The peaceful co-existence was one of the most effective way by which Kruschev reduced the tension. In 1955 February, USSR signed a peace treaty with Austria giving Austria freedom as long as it stays neutral, then Kruschev went to Yugoslavia and made peace with Tito. Also, whenever he had a meeting with US, he always demanded neutral unified Germany. (1957 DEC, 1958 JAN) When the western power saw why Kruschev was doing, they thought that peaceful co-existence was working and it would end the Cold War. Therefore Kruschev has reduced the tension by improving the relations with countries.

Kruschev tried to stop the arms race, which was making the tensions grow. In 1957 December, Kruschev proposed banning of all nuclear missiles in Poland, Czechoslovakia, East and West Germany. 1958 9th of January, when...