Khufu Pyramid

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THE GREAT PYRAMID OF KHUFU For generations now, people have been wondering how the Egyptians could have built such impressive monuments as the pyramids. Thjere are many different theories as to how they were actually built. in my opinion, alternative #3 by Joseph Davidovits and Margie Morris is the strongest argument because it presents the most convincing evidence about what really happened. They also point out weaknesses in the other two theories. In the first viewpoint, Erich von Daniken believes that there is much to be said against how the Pyramod was built, he suggests that the evidence of the Egyptians building the Pyramids themselves is false. Astronauts from outer space (which were the Egyptian ancestors) came to give knowledge to the people of Egypt. The second viewpoint by Margaret Sears and Clifford Wilson suggests the traditional heave-ho method was used for the Great Pyramid. This consists of the workers cutting the limestone out of the quarry and hauling up to the pyramid and setting it in place.

Finally, in viewpoint #3 , Clifford Wilson claims that the casting method was used. The Egyptians would create wooden moulds which would be set in place for when the liquid cement was poured in and left to dry. This would explain how all of the blocks are approximately the same size and have fairly straight edges. Overall, I believe that the third viewpoint makes the most sense and would be the easiest to do in ancient Egypt. It also has the most evidence to back it up.

Erich Daniken says that the great Pyramid was built with the help from the astronauts from outer space. Daniken states that: Is it really a coincidence that the height of the pyramid of Khufu multiplied by a thousand million -- 98 000 000 miles [157...