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From the beginning with the new full-range "Kicker Box" concept, Kicker has been appealing to those people looking for simple, straightforward solutions for adding hard-hitting low end to their systems. The company's new ready-to-install Solo-Baric Loaded Enclosures continue this trend, offering what Kicker considers to be "the ultimate Kicker Boxes."The Solo-Baric Loaded Enclosures are made up of the TS and VS series; the slim-profile TS series boxes are based on the "Compact" sealed designs in the latest Kicker Solo-Baric L7 series technical update, and are designed to be perfect fits behind truck seats. The VS series vented enclosures are designed to, kicker says, "kick out serious bass" from a hatchback, trunk, or the rear of an SUV. Based on the "SPL" (sound pressure level) designs in the L7 series technical update, these hard-hitting ported boxes sport cast aluminum L7 grilles. But, no matter what the application, Kicker promises the user some serious bass performance from the L7 subs.

The all-wood structure of the Solo Baric Enclosures contain extra-thick baffles, said by Kicker to be as rock solid as the drivers inside them. Perhaps one of the more interesting features of these new enclosures is the protection step Kicker has taken on them. A generous coating of virtually indestructible catalyzed polyurethane has been splurged on Kicker's new weapons for the simple bass solution crowd - the same material sprayed on bed liners in trucks. To the rear of the enclosures, heavy-duty spring loaded gold plated push terminals easily accept larger gauge speaker cable. As for the unique square woofers inside these enclosures, Kicker is marketing their top-of-the-line Solo-Baric L7s as different from any woofer anyone has ever seen; they are actually designed to provide more output than a equivalent round speaker, due to the 16 to 20 percent increase in cone area provided by the square cone. The TS series sealed enclosures are said to give smooth low-end sub-bass response with massive amounts of high-impact bass, and can be driven with extremely high power levels. The TS8L7's enclosure volume is .33 cu. ft. (with the power handling of 450 watts), while the TS10L7's enclosure volume is .66 cu. ft. The VS series boxes are Kicker's first ever-ported enclosures for the Solo-Baric subwoofer. They offer a very effective balance of size, low-end thump, and high output due to the massive slot-loaded ports. Interestingly enough, these types of boxes are quickly becoming the enclosure of choice for outrageous street bass type enthusiasts and for high SPL contests.