The Kid.

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Chaplin did an amazing job with this film, especially when considering that it was done in the 1920's. For a silent movie, "The Kid" was very ahead of its time. The film had everything that a movie should have. There was action, It was sensitive and moving, and in the end Charlie got to live with the kid and his mother who abandoned him years prior

The film is kind of an autobiography about Chaplin. He grew up without much support from his parents, just like the child in "The Kid" where his mother leaves him in a car hoping for someone can provide for him, but what she doesn't know is that two men steal the car, not knowing there is a child inside. When they realize there is an infant in the back seat they decide to abandon him up against a couple of barrels in the middle of an alley.

Soon after, Chaplin comes walking by and spots the baby, and tries to leave it with a woman walking down the street with a carriage. As she refuses to take the baby he tries everything to get rid of it as he is being followed by a police officer. Soon after he finds a note on the baby"Please take care of my child." From then on he decides to take the infant in and raise him as if he was his own child.

Several years later Charlie and the child are still together, and Charlie is caring for the kid as if he were his child. But the child is living in poverty, so Charlie gets the kid to help him scam people to earn a few bucks by breaking windows. Then Charlie would come walking down the street with a window so...