Kidney Tranplant

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Chances to relive a healthier life don't come by the dozen. In fact, many people who are sick, either from birth or at an old age, are not able to afford the costs of doctors? aid in order to live healthy or better whether it be chemotherapy, dialysis, or in this case kidney transplant.

Many kidney patients tend to believe that a kidney transplant serves as a cure. The truth of the matter is, a kidney transplant is not a cure, but considered a treatment for patients with a specific kidney disease that leads to kidney failure. Also, a kidney transplant will serve as another chance to reenact a normal life.

The kidneys are located on the lower backside of the abdomen. They are the size of a human?s fist. As blood travels through the kidney, waste is filtered from it, therefore, creating urine. Kidney diseases, which cause kidney failure, tend to damage the kidney causing it not to function properly.

When this happens, the kidney becomes difficult to filter the blood causing it to produce less urine. The blood will soon become toxic, filled with waste and excess fluids causing the bones to become weaker and seizure episodes will erupt from the body. This process is known as kidney failure, or end stage renal disease, in the need for a kidney transplant. End stage renal disease is when the kidneys fail, or are in the process of failing, to produce urine and excrete waste.

A kidney transplant is usually a four-hour surgery. Before a transplant, a number of medical tests are required. Chest x-rays, electrocardiogram, blood tests, blood and tissue typing, and ultrasound, are just some of the tests to be taken before surgery. There are many obstacles surrounding the kidney that make it difficult for...