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Essay by salmanElementary School, 1st grade April 2004

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Author: Nicki 92 (Age: 11 )

From: ?, Australia

Date: 18th Aug 2003, 12:51 AM

Title: To be a bird

Imagine breathing the cool air of the ocean sprays. Imagine standing at the edge of a cliff, looking out towards the sea. Imagine Watching the clouds move along. And leaping. And when you're about to fall the wind catches you and then... you are in power. you can control anything. nothing to stop you, nothing to say that this is all a dream. Not a care in the world, just the freedom of flight.

And then to travel unexplored lands, to dive amongst unfelt winds. to find yourself on a heavenly earth above the clouds

And to discover yourself in a truly different perspective. To be given the gift of truth. Loneliness conquered by the company of freedom and height.

And then to dive back into your nest, new things learnt, new places found.

To see the earth in a new light.

Snuggling into the wing of your mother and drifting to sleep and awakening to a new day...

And to know that you can do anything, as long as faith is in your hands.


From: Burton, USA Age: 12

Date: 14th Jul 2003, 9:58 AM

Title: A day as a stray Animal

Have you ever seen a stray dog or cat on the road? Do you feel sorry for it? I think that if people see a stray cat or dog on the road they should call an animal shelter. Animals are living creatures and I think that people should treat them as if they were human. A dog or cat needs to be loved just like humans do, not abused like they sometimes are. It takes a really nice person to love a pet.