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Often when a person thinks of an NFL player they think of a physical specimen - a man with bulging biceps, a huge chest and legs twice the size of a normal man. Traditionally the NFL has allowed college players to participate in the NFL draft early on, although the only requirement was that a player be out of high school three years to be eligible. I disbelieve that these players are physically or emotional ready to jump into the NFL, and should stay in school and stop trying to grow so quickly.

I feel that freshmen college players, or even high school players, aren't physically or emotionally ready to jump into the NFL, they lack experience which is gained mainly through the competitive nature that one would receive from playing college football. Often viewed as a key component in the development of their mental readiness as well as their understanding of the game.

The college game helps develop the mental and physical toughness needed to play in the NFL. Furthermore, the added exposure to the game, in terms of the variety of schemes and tactics, is essential to the development of their football knowledge. While the desire to forgo the college game might be greater in some individuals depending on economic need (ie they reside on the lower end of the economic

spectrum), so they would deprive themselves of an education and the unique experience of playing college football.

I also think that by not going to college these players are going into the world unprepared. Not knowing how to write a resume or having the necessary skills to fall back on should their professional sports careers end abruptly. The NFL does not promise you a spot on the roster. Many times players get hurt or are just cut...