"To Kill A Mickingbird" by Harper Lee.

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Name: Nelle Harper Lee

Basic Information: Nelle Harper Lee was born on April 28th 1926 in Monroeville Alabama. She was the youngest of four children. Now a grandmother at 77 years of age, this American author lives in New York.

Other Titles: Although she hasn't published any other books, Nelle wrote several published essays in the 1960's. These include 'Love in other words', 'Christmas to me' and 'When children discover America'.


I would say the genre of the story is drama. Although it has humour in it, it is bland and has nothing to do with the core of the story. The storyline is very dramatic, plotted with disturbing events such as people dying. It is not only dramatic for the characters, but also for the reader as he is put through the confusion, pain and suffering that the characters had to endure. How could an innocent mans life in the hands of twelve men not be dramatic? The story pulls you into a mental bind as it reveals twist after twist, letting us wonder how it really began.


Plot Summarisation: The story is a detailed account of the happenings in a town called Maycomb, through the eyes of a young girl, Jean Louise Finch. The story runs over a three-year period in the 1930's. A young girl and her older brother live alone with their father and a Negro maid. Together with a mischievous young friend, they prowl the neighbourhood looking for something exciting to do. They finally decide to try to find out who is the mysterious figure, who lives next door. Several attempts to see him follow, one resulting at being shot at. The children are then baffled by strange gifts found in a hollow tree, supposedly left there by their mysterious neighbour. The...