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A hero is one who is not only strong, but uses his/her strength to uphold others. In John Wyndham's novel The Chrysalids, David, Uncle Axel and Michael show many heroic acts than the females. I believe this because they put themselves in danger to help others, they give good advice and they are very supportive. Lastly, they have leadership qualities.

Like any other hero would, males risk their lives to save others no matter what, especially David. Throughout the novel, David has many heroic acts. For instance, when Alan Ervin discovers Sophie's six toes, David attacks him to give Sophie a chance to escape. "He saw the footmark; that's why he wanted to catch her," (45). If Alan tells the inspector and he finds her, she will be in great danger. Later, he returns Sophie home safely and tells her parents about Alan. Certainly, this shows that Sophie would not be able take care of this situation all by herself.

She needs David to protect her. Also, David is eager to help others even if he is having a bad time, he does not give up easily. For example, David had a pain demand in his mind. He feels an unstoppable need to run, urgent and unlike anything he has ever felt before. Soon, he starts running as fast as he can. "Petra?" (84). He dives into a pool and successfully saves his little sister, Petra. Of course Petra would not be able to save herself because she was a child, but it shows that David is a sensible boy and when there is an emergency, he will be the first one to reach the destination. Overall, David faces his fears every day because a new situation arises, but he never gives up, he is eager to help...