To Kill A Mocking Bird

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To Kill A Mocking Bird: Is human nature in To Kill A Mocking Bird portrayed as optimistic or pessimistic.

In the novel, To Kill A Mocking Bird, by Harper Lee, a negative image of human nature is portrayed. The pessimistic view of human nature is discovered as the author matures throughout the novel and comes to realize the many injustices we face as a society today. Some of these injustices include racism, social class prejudice, and discrimination because of the lifestyle you live. These are revealed in great detail by the insight of an innocent child ? Scoot.

To Kill A Mocking Bird was constructed in a specific way to satirize human nature. It showed us, specifically, the injustices going on in society and it highlighted the fact that there is no hope for human society.

Harper Lee best illustrated society?s injustices through the racism and prejudice shown toward Negroes.

In the novel Negroes were constantly being referred to as ? niggers ? and ? boys ?. This shows how outright racism is in Maycomb County. The blacks also lived in a different in a different location within the county. One of the biggest acts of racism was the ruling on Tom Robinson.

Atticus was appointed to defend Tom Robinson even though even though Atticus knew he had lost the case ? because Tom was black ? he still pushed on. The fact that Atticus knew he had lost the case shows the racism in its most bitter form. Atticus believes that Tom should be given a ? fair trial?, in which the colour of the defendant does not decide on ones fate. This was one thing that didn?t happen and was never going to happen. This reveals the reason why the novel portrays human nature as pessimistic.