To Kill a Mocking Bird

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Individuals in society play a significant role in the achievement of justice:

In order to achieve a just a civilised society there needs to be individuals who are willing to sacrifice their reputation and as a result significantly transform injustices. An individual's contribution to the process of justice is mandatory for civilizations to develop and prosper. The novel to kill a mockingbird explores the notion of the manner in which an individual Atticus Finch fights for the life of a black man falsely accused of rape.

In any civilised society it is the responsibility of the individual to impact the delivery of justice by playing a significant role. In the novel TKAM written by harper lee, the protagonist Atticus Finch is characterised as the embodiment of justice when he defends a wrongly accused black man. Maycomb County is a microcosm of a wider community where the issue of racism in the 1930's was highly relevant.

The metaphor of "maycomb's usual disease" highlights the extent to which Atticus finch the white lawyer, fights for justice in the face of legal system where blacks are described as "all Negros lie". Atticus symbolises the honest man who is willing to stand alone and face adversity even as he states when you know you're licked.

Lee uses an array of techniques to help see that justice is an issue not for only individuals but society as a whole. The use of emotive language and vivid character descriptions provides the reader with a contrast between the evil that exist in the town and the virtuous Atticus Finch while scout describes Bob Ewell the antagonist in the image "a little bantam cock of a man" is in paradox to miss maudie's admiration of a man willing to forgo his own safety to create an equal justice...