To Kill A Mocking Bird

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To Kill A Mocking Bird is about prejudice, contaminating of children's innocence and conscience. These three subjects are continuously repeated in the novel, and they also continuously appear in our everyday life. To survive in this society, we wear masks to protect our feelings. But with masks on our faces, we cannot see these three things with justice and the truth in front of us. The author used the point of view of a child to express the truth with innocence and to take away our masks for us to see the truth.

Prejudice means an opinion formed without taking time and care to judge fairly, which is unreasonable. There is a reason for everything to exist in this world. When I thought of the beginning of Prejudice, it led me thought of a small incident happened a week ago. Last Sunday, I met Uncle Jack, who is in university studying Psychology.

He told me about one of his experiments on monkeys' reflection. He said, "I used five monkeys in this experiment. I put them all in one big cage, and hung a banana on the top of the cage. Every time anyone of the monkeys tried to reach for the banana, the powerful water guns surrounding the cage would shoot the monkeys. After the monkeys tried to reach for the banana a few times, they agreed not to reach for the banana because they were afraid of the water guns. Then, I secretly exchanged one of the monkeys with a new one at night. Guess what happen in the morning?" Uncle Jack smiled at me and went on, "Without knowing the agreement between the monkeys, the new monkey tried to reach for the banana on the top. Therefore, all the old monkeys stopped the new mokey by beating him...