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"To Kill a Mocking Bird", is a great book by Harper Lee. It is one of the best books I read. Because it has a moral that benefits people and teaches them how to deal with life. There are many themes in this book, but the main one and the most important one is, "Prejudice". This book deals with many lessons in human nature; it also expresses many issues that affect most people throughout their lives.

The main character in this book is "Scout". She is the most one affected by these lessons. Scout is an impulsive girl by nature; she keeps rushing into fights and is more emotional than her brother, "Jim". One of the characters that affected Scout's thinking of live and others is "Boo Radley". His name is Arthur, but he is called "Boo" by Scout and her brother Jim. Boo never steps outside of his house, and does not maintain any relations with anyone.

But he attempts to do an indirect friendship with Scout and the children, to change his life by gaining their attentions, care, and maybe love.

Boo taught Scout how to love, how to fear and how to wonder. The relationship between Boo and the children got closer from the gifts that Boo leaves for them beside a tree. Another character that affected scout's dealing with life is her father, Atticus. He is a much respected man in MayComb County. Atticus is very particular about delivering justice to all people. One of the issues that the book deals with is "Racism". Most of the people in MayComb where racist to black people. However; Atticus did not care about what other thinks of black people, he was just to every one.

Atticus affected scout by teaching her how to deal...