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Natalia Pinto


Bio 400


Critical Analysis of "Genetic Engineers Aim to Soup Up Crop Photosynthesis".

Mann, Charles C. (1999). Genetic engineers aim to soup up crop photosynthesis. Science, 283, 314-316.

I think that the purpose of this article was to inform the reader about an important scientific theory. I think that the author was mainly trying to tell the reader about the importance of RuBisCO in our daily lives. There is a lot of information that is helpful for someone who is interested in biochemistry and photosynthesis. This article is an in depth explanation of RuBisCo and scientists theories of what they want to do next with this enzyme.

Interesting Facts from the article:

1. Improving RuBisCO in food crops may be the most ambitious genetic-engineering project ever tried. This is interesting because it is very important and crazy project but these laboratories are still choosing to try it.

2. RuBisCO is located where photosynthesis takes place. This seems really important to the studies of this theory.

3. RuBisCO catalyzes two reactions, photosynthesis and photorespiration. This is interesting because both of these reactions are opposite each other but the enzyme still catalyzes both.

4. Some plants have their own photosynthetic super charger known as the C4 cycle. This cycle is very important and interesting because it led to many experiments helping prove the RuBisCO theory.

5. Since at least 1970, research has shown little correlation between crops photosynthesis rates and their yields. This is interesting because it shows that the RuBisCO is not even true after all the research the scientists are putting in.

IV. Questions I have after reading this article:

1. Why is the RuBisCo enzyme honestly so important?

2. Why is it so important for RuBisCo to speed up photosynthesis? Why does that...