"To Kill a Mocking Bird" by Harper Lee.

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Title: Elizabeth

Author/Director: Shekhar Kapur

Text Type: Film

Brief Summary: Set in Elizabethan England, while England is weak and divided. Elizabeth's sister dies and she inherits the thrown facing not just foreign enermies but internal sabotage as well. Propelled by her respect for her fathers legacy, she is determined to rule her people at all costs. Gaining power in court, fighting the French, declining proposal and uniting the Church. Elizabeth undergoes many changes and confronts many challenges.

(Refer to notes for extended summary)

Mary, Elizabeth's half sister and queen, has had her in exile from birth as she has never accepted Elizabeth as her sister and having her far away means she would not have to face this problem. She has never accepted Elizabeth as her sister mainly due to her disapproval of the circumstances of Elizabeth's conception. Mary's father hade cheated on her mother, to make it worse the affair was with a servant.

Elizabeth was the product of this affair, Mary prefers to place the blame on Elizabeth rather than address the real issue of her family. For these reasons she looks down on Elizabeth and see's her as more of a servant and refers to her several times as a 'bastard', this shows her denial to accept the link to her father.

This is supported in the text by:

Mary: "When I look at you, I see nothing of the King , only the whore you're your mother"

Mary discusses the situation, and that she could have Elizabeth killed on command.

Elizabeth: "In signing that, you would be murdering your own sister"

We notice Mary becomes upset as she feels guilt and anger. She is unsure on her feelings.

Mary is dying and by not killing Elizabeth she shall become queen, Mary understands this but can...