"To kill a Mocking bird" Harper Lee - Chapters 17/21

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Explain the importance of the following characters as regards their part played in the plot and the issues they represent:-Mr Dolphus Raymond-Mr Tate-Mr EwellMr Raymond, Mr Tate and Mr Ewell made an impact during the trial that affected people in different ways.

Mr Dolphus Raymond, a man of no principles, with no self-esteem, who lives with the negroes and drinks most of the day from a bottle inside a paper bag making everyone else think he lives that way not because he wants it, but because all the day he is drunk. He has no self-respect, though the society, racist, discriminating, prejudice, makes him invent a vague excuse to live with and where he wants, that is to say with the Negroes. His impact in people would be that he confesses, tells his biggest secret to Dill and Scout, who have another view of who he is and what was the reason to live in such conditions.

As for Mr Tate, the sheriff of Maycomb County, plays the role of the typical corrupted police man who hates negroes and lies because he has nothing to believe in and nothing to lose, while the accused, has his life at the stake. In the trial, when he has to testify, there are some inconsistencies, when he answers the question Atticus asked in the crossed-examination, “Which eye?”, for it he answers in two different ways(first says the left and afterwards says the right and he corrects himself). I think that the reason he isn’t analyzing the facts and blaming a Negro out of what two white persons said it’s because he doesn’t want to risk his reputation of Sheriff, but the real reason it’s the society, that exerts pressure in his decisions and it makes him testify against Tom Robinson, a humble...