How to Kill a Mocking Bird-Reflection Essay

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The title of this novel is "To Kill A Mockingbird" by Harper Lee. The novel takes place between 1933-1935 during the great depression in Maycomb, Alabama. "To Kill A Mockingbird" is about a family growing up together and discovering new talents and different views in each other as they go through emotional and stressful events that occur in their early lives. Jem is the older brother of Scout (Jean-Louise), being the older brother; he has a certain responsibility that teaches him about caring and love as he goes through certain events. Scout being the youngest looks up to her spouses specially her dad Atticus which whom she endures the most. Being guided by her older spouses she learns important lessons that will teach her long-term lessons. Jem and Scout grow up in this novel and find meaning and identity through the events in their lives. One thing that Jem learns what real courage is.

One thing that Scouts realizes are different points of view and diversity. As they grow up they find meaning and identity thought the events in their lives.

One of the important things Jem learns is "real" courage. The most important event was when the mad dog was coming up the street and the whole town was scared and somebody had to shoot it before it got to close. So Atticus stepped up to the challenge and shot the dog at far distance with one shot. Jem was amazed; at that point that was his definition of real courage. But Atticus did not want Jem to think that real courage was defined by a man's gun but rather Mrs. Dubose. Atticus told Jem that Mrs. Dubose had real courage because she stopped takeing her painkillers just to be sin free. That whole time while she was...