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As well as lee using hints to show prejudice, there is prejudice about people's social standing, which is shown through the technique of hierarchy.

The black community is automatically seen as at the bottom of the class system, yet since the abolition of slavery, the boundaries between them and the Ewells is less clear. This is one reason why Mr. Ewell is so racist

However they are thought to be better class people than The 'White Trash' - the lowest class of whites - uneducated and poor.

She also doesn't allow Scout to play with Walter Cunningham because The Cunningham's are lower class whites - poor farmers, badly hit by the Depression.

This hierarchy of social status can continue all the way to Atticus who also is looked down upon as he supports a negro although he had a high status in the white community, this is shown through the novel ghhgdfhgh

Through this novel there is a greater prejudice between the whites and atticus than the whites and dolphus raymond

There is an obvious class structure depicted, with the Finches near the top, townspeople below that, uneducated country folks like the Cunninghams even lower, and the white trash Ewells below all the white people.

Then, the indication of the black population being even below the sorry Ewells indicates the class structure, including racism and prejudice.

The children don't understand the issue of class, and are constantly questioning it. This, contrasted with the attitude of Atticus that is is a fact of life, but not fair, highlights the idea of prejudice and its injustice.

Another technique used by lee in to kill a mocking bird is lessons taught by different characters. Firstly scout learns many lessons from

Examples of Gaining Understanding


Example of gaining understanding


She grows up...