To Kill A Mocking Bird (theme Courage)

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The book ?To Kill A Mocking Bird? displayed different examples of courage in a number of individuals. Almost all the children showed courage a number of times whenever they would pass by Boo Radley?s house. The reason they were fearful about him was because they were told by almost everyone that Boo Radley was a crazy lunatic and that they never should go by his place but they always dared each other to go on Boo?s property. For example: One night Dill, Jem and Scout all went up to Boo Radley?s house and Gem was dared by Dill to run up to the porch and come back. While Jem was accomplishing his bet, they heard a noise and figured it was Boo coming to get them and capture them. The children all ran as fast as they could. They were almost off his property when they came to a chicken wire that they had to climb under before they entered Boo?s property.

They were all frantically crawling under in fear for their lives, and last Jem crawled under, but his pants had ripped and got caught on the chicken wire and he had to take his pants off for him to be set free. Jem figured that if he were to go home and have Atticus find him without his pants on, that he might want to know what the reason was behind all of this and earlier Atticus had told the children to stay clear of Boo?s house because he was dangerous. So when Jem went back to reclaim his pants, he found his pants sewed up and folded.

Another example of courage was when Atticus accepted the Tom Robinson case. All the towns people would see a different side of Atticus when he was...