To Kill A Mockingbird

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To Kill a Mockingbird is a story that teaches morals and values and has many lessons that could be learned. It's about a young girl who is raised by her father because her mother was killed in the previous years. She also lives with her older brother. They have a maid. Life is hard in their small town in Alabama at this time because it is just after the Great Depression and there's not much money to be passed around.

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Scout's father is a lawyer and gets a case defending a black man against raping a young, white, trashy girl.

Scout was taught to read and write by her father before she entered school. she face a lot of problems at school because she was a tom boy and was an awful lot smarter than the others in her class.

Because she was such a tom boy, she got into a lot of fights, especially with boys. Her father warned her of these fights and told her that it would end up hurting her one day