To Kill A Mockingbird

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The setting of this book played a very important role throughout the story. If it weren't so clearly defined every step of the way, the book would be much less interesting and we wouldn't be able to get that clear cut picture in our minds of the very well constructed and specific detail that was given for us to imagine. Many times in the book the narrator would be telling of a story or event that took place and would stop off her subject and tell about the place, time, people and other detail that was present, sometimes using one or two whole pages. The thing about the setting of this book is that it was so clearly defined that almost instantly you got the picture of the place in your mind. One fairly well constructed aspect of the book was how specific it was all the way through the book.

There was never one point in the book where you wouldn't know the time of day, month, year or season it was. Every event that took place was always specified during a certain day or time of month or year and even sometimes holidays. Time in a book becomes very important as it goes along mainly because it makes you become aware of what kinds of problems may be facing the people such as poverty and other things of that era.

The location that the book takes place is also a major factor of the view point you get while trying to imagine what it looks like and what's going on. It took place in Maycomb Alabama, which gives you the hint of maybe a dry climate with mild winters and of course very hot summers. Since Alabama is in the southern region of the United States it suggests...