To Kill a Mockingbird

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Why do we have such a thing as sibling rivalry? The novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee takes place in the small town of Maycomb County. Maycomb County has a small population full of racist and prejudice people with all of the little everyday problems. In the novel, we learn about the three major characters, Scout the narrator, Jem her brother, and Atticus their father. Scout the narrator tells the novel through her point of view. Jem and Scout grow apart because Jem starts to become too mature to be seen with his little sister and Scout also embellishes on this because she has the role of narrator.

Like any brother and sister Jem and Scout begin to go their own ways in life. For example, when Jem walks Scout to school on the first day, he says "that during school hours she was not to bother him, she was not to approach him with requests"(16).

Jem does not want to be around his little sister at school and does not want to be annoyed by her when he can be with his friends. Also Jem seems afraid that his friends will think less of him and not want to talk to him for playing with a 1st grader. In addition, when Jem and Scouts father Atticus catches them at the Radley place and Jem goes back to get his pant Scout says "it was then I suppose that Jem and I first began to part company" (56). Scout begins to realize that Jem does not want her to try and be like him and that he does not want her to tag along everywhere he goes. Jem also slowly becomes more of an adult and wants to act like one by not playing with his little...