To Kill a Mockingbird

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Who says "You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view - until you climb into his skin and walk around in it"? Atticus Finch

Which of Jem and Scout's neighbors does this describe: "She had never told on us… she was not at all interested in our private life". This describes Miss Maudie

Which character is the trial scenes is describes as "the loneliest person in the world" and why is she lonely? Mayella Ewell

Which characters appear to speak of Harper Lee?

5. Who is this said about "This is their home, sister… We've made it this way for them, they might as well learn to cope with it". This is after the huge injustice of the trial. Even though Aunt Alexandria has softened, she maintains that the kids should not have heard what went on at the trial.

Atticus says that the trial was part of reality in Maycomb. Their innocence can't be protected forever. What happened was part of the town's legacy and part of theirs as well. 6. Who do we learn more about in the novel: Tom or Calpurnia? We learn more about Calpurnia because she is the Finch family cook, but she also plays a big part in bringing up and educating Scout and Jem. She has gained Atticus's respect as a 'faithful member' of the family. She is strict with the children, but also has a sense of compassion and is kind to them when they are finding difficulties. However Tom Robinson is not explored in great depth.

7. At what stage does Jem begin to enter his adolescent phase? At the beginning of part two, we learn that Jem is growing up she is becoming more aware of...