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Liam Callaghan

To Kill a Mockingbird

"To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee is a famous novel set in 1930s America. Throughout the novel we see one of the main characters, Scout Finch clearly maturing and learning as the days go on. She shows development and a sense of maturity at the end of the book compared to the start, where she is oblivious to what is going on around her. Although this change happens, Scout still keeps her innocence the whole time.

At the beginning of the novel we see the innocent tomboy that doesn't want to grow up. She is the typical child, doesn't like school, likes to play games with her brother and Dill and is always exploring new things.

"The fact that I had a permanent fiancé was a little compensation for his absence"

Scout is saying that she and Dill are going to get married once they are old enough.

This shows the innocence in her as she has already set her mind on marrying Dill yet she is only six. Although she still does childish things, which you would expect since she is only six, she is mature for her age. She knows right from wrong and can tell when something is wrong.

"Calpurnia says that's nigger-talk."

Scout realises what Jem is saying is wrong and that it is disrespectful. This shows that from the start of the novel Scout is already mature and can understand things that your average six year old cannot. But within her maturity she is still an innocent little girl.

Once Atticus accepts the task of taking on Tom Robinson's case, Scout gets hassled in school and her auntie's house. Even though Scout can be mature, we see the childish side of her in this section of...