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5 November 2014

To Kill A Mockingbird Essay

Society shapes and influences people whether its from the past or present. When society

changes you, it can be for the greater good such as taking in the world differently, or it can

change you in a negative way, and turn you into someone that you wish you weren't. Harper

Lee is a great example of how society can change you, and so is her novel, To Kill A

Mockingbird, and the characters in it. After reading this novel, it can leave a big impact on

your life and influence you similar to the way society does. Society shaped and influenced

Harper Lee to write her novel, the characters in her novel go through changes society inflicts

on them. When your reading and when you're done reading the novel it changes you. At the

time the novel took place, it was hard on blacks because they were discriminated against and

thought less of. This inspired Lee to write To Kill A Mockingbird.

Individuals or their acts influence and shape many people. The people in Harper Lee's life

compelled her to write To Kill A Mockingbird. To illustrate a certain theme in Scout's home life,

Lee used her own life as an example. For instance "While the two friends were very different,

they both shared in having difficult home lives" ( In other words Lee and

Capote were very different in personality, but they both had a hard time at home. From this

we can infer that Harper Lee's experiences in life helped her understand the struggles of her

characters and how she wrote them to be who they are. Society can also shape someone by

the acts of others. For...