To Kill A Mockingbird-Creative Oral On Chapter 12

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Yesteday, was really exciting!!

I finally got a better understanding of Calpurnia's background and the way she operates. Jem and I also learned some very important lessons...

Though, these past few days, have been pretty bad, I learned my fiancé Dill, aint coming to Maycomb this year and I have unfortunately had to face the fact that my brother, "MISTER" Jem is growing up and no longer wants to hang around with me any more but instead wants to put his "so called" wisdom to practice. I therefore chose to seek the company of Calpurnia were I learned that there is infact, a lot of skill to being a women.

Anyway, this past sunday morning Calpurnia decided to take us to her coloured church because Atticus has had to leave us for two weeks, due to an emergency session held by the state legislature.

We first faced Lula, a black churchgoer who did not want us white people in her church.

She protested, "you aint got not bussiens bringing white chillum here!" Fortunately, though, the rest of the congregation rallied around us and escorted Jem, Calpurnia and I into the church.

Jem and I found the services quite similar to that of our own church with the exception of a few things, the absence of a piano, organ, hymn books and church programes and the use of cheap cardboard fans from boxes.

However, the major difference I noticed was "linin'." This is a practise used by the black congregation and is used to aid illiterate people to sing hymns by repeating the lines after one person first reads them.

When I asked Calpurnia about linin', she revealed that she is one of very few black people, four to be precise who knew how to read. She told me how...