"To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee: A dream through the eyes of Scout.

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It wasn't long after the incident that Jem was back to normal. His arm never fully healed and he would never let me forget it. Macomb was stunned by Mr. Ewell's death but figured it for the better, and never really mentioned it again. Jem and I were aloud to see Boo once a week, which was more then we had ever hoped for. It was like every kid's dream, of seeing Bigfoot, come true. Although we didn't have to imagine Boo any more we still managed to have fun.

"Jem, you rotten little weasel, you get back here."

"NO, you hit my elbow, so now you have to pay." Jem yelled

He was running around the road like a ragged rascal. I didn't see what all the fuss was about. I just wanted to see if he could feel anything in his arm.

"That don't mean you gotta take my overalls!"

As Jem was about to yell Cal popped out the front door and hollered for Jem and I to come in for dinner.

We were making our way in, when Jem finally handed me my britches. He knew Cal would have her way with him, if she knew he took my overalls, and he needed to reason for Cal to give him a whippin'. When we got in the kitchen it smelled like a whole bunch of burnt hair. It was Atticus new cigars; he had taken a liking to them ever since the trail. He was sitting at the table reading a book and murmuring to him self.

"Jem, Scout?" Atticus asked as if we weren't there.

" Yes Atticus," Jem and I answered in unison.

" I have some news for you, Uncle Jack is coming to live with us for a little bit?" he asked as if we would have a problem with it.

" When is he coming?" Jem asked in a very excited voice.

" He will be arriving tomorrow, so I would like ya'll to be on your best behavior, and not be running here and there and everywhere, can I trust ya'll to do that?"

"Yes Sir," I said as an automatic response, "Why is he staying with us."

"Well Scout, Uncle Jack is going through some variances right now, and he needs some help."

That night Jem and I found it a little hard to sleep, we could hardly wait for Uncle Jack to get here, but we were also a little worried about what Atticus had said. We Hope that he hadn't changed too much, or he just wouldn't be as much fun.

When Uncle Jack had arrived we realized he wasn't the same, He looked as thought Mrs. Dubose did when Jem would read to her. He just wasn't all there. He would sleep a lot, and when he talked he would just mumble. When we asked Atticus what was wrong with him, he said that he was very ill because he had been in a big accident that gave him damage to the brain. He said he was very sick and it wouldn't be long before he passed.

"Jem, will you come with me to talk to Uncle Jack?"

"Scout, he can't understand you, so why would you want to go and do a thing like that?" Jem replied

"Well I want to say good-bye to him one last time and tell him everything that happened, you know with Mr. Ewell and stuff but I don't want to be alone." Jem finally agreed after I said he could tell him about how he saved my life.

When I was sitting in Uncle Jacks room telling him about the stuff that's happened since I last saw him, I could tell in his eyes, he knew who I was, it was a good feeling too. Uncle Jack had always been there for me, through think and thin, and I was happy that I could be there for him when he needed the most help. Even thought he wasn't as much fun as he used to be, I could tell he still loved me all the same. Then I woke up.