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28th March 2013


Daring man commits, MURDER or suicide

Yesterday night at 10pm, the neighbors of the Maycomb County heard a sudden cry. Soon it was witnessed that a homicide had happened, leaving the inhabitants in utter dismay. Arguably Maycomb County's most notorious character, Mr. Bob Ewell, had just passed away a few days ago. His lifeless body was found somewhere near the Radley Place, by the Finch family. Many rumors have been spread about the cause of Ewell's death. Immediately the sheriff reported to the site, however was unable to solve this baffling death. "It was so scary," Scout recounted, weeping as she continued. "The man attacked my brother with a knife. I was so terrified, until the…"

We were informed that this intriguing yet unpieced event took right after the pageant at the school house, Jem Finch and Scout Finch, who was dressed in a Ham costume, walked back home. It was during this journey when both children from the Finch family sensed that someone was following them. "I could hear it myself Footsteps, I mean. They walked when we walked and stopped when we stopped." Scout Finch recalled when the Daily Maycomb interviewed her. According to them, it was so dark that they could scarcely see anything but Scout's costume, streaked was painted with shiny stuff that everyone could see her in the darkness. "I heard someone shuffle and drag his feet." Scout said. She told us that things happened too fast that she didn't even clearly know what happened. But, still, she recounted that someone grabbed her, mashed...